Burst pipes are a common issue in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, and they can wreak havoc on your home and property. If you have a burst pipe it’s important that you contact a plumber immediately, even small leaks can have lasting effects that may need extensive renovations to fix. Learn about the common reasons for pipe repair. 

What are the common reasons that pipes burst in Vancouver?

  1. Water Pressure

Pipes are tough, but a large increase in water pressure can burst a pipe, especially where the pipe is weak, bent, or connected to another pipe or fixture. Homes can have high water pressure for various reasons, this may be great for showering but it may also increase the chances of a burst pipe. If you are concerned you may have high water pressure, reach out to our professional Vancouver Plumber team and we can measure and if necessary install a pressure regulator.

  1. Moving Pipes

Pipes sometimes may not be secured correctly behind walls and can move around when water is turned on or off. As these pipes move, even slightly, they can wear out over time and create weak spots. If left unchecked long enough, these weak spots can eventually wear to the point of breaking.

  1. Corrosion 

Pipes are tough, but they aren’t made to last forever. Corrosion can occur just about anywhere and over time can lead to deposits building up inside the pipe. If left long enough the deposits can reduce the flow of water or even block it completely, which can in turn lead to a burst pipe.

  1. Freezing temperatures can lead to pipe repair

You may think that frozen pipes wouldn’t be an issue in Vancouver as we often have mild winters and rarely see temperatures dip below freezing, but the scarcity of this weather actually increases the chances of this type of pipe burst as people are often caught unprepared and unaware. A Vancouver home is usually heated well enough to keep pipes from bursting but if you take off for a midwinter vacation and leave the heat off you could be in for a mess when you get home.

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