Indoor flooding—it’s a nightmare for any homeowner. And with the rainy season in full swing in the Lower Mainland, folks are battening down the hatches in the hopes of preventing flooding and potential water damage to their property. To help protect your belongings, your home’s structure, and your wallet, our plumbers in Vancouver BC have rounded up the top causes of indoor flooding for you to keep an eye on.

Clogged Sinks Vancouver

Water taking its sweet time to drain down the sink? You might have a clogging issue that can cause indoor flooding. Even a minor clog in your sinks can quickly turn into a major overflowing mess in your bathroom or basement. If you’ve noticed any clogged sinks in your home, contact plumbers in Vancouver BC as soon as possible. They’ll be able to detect and fix the problem before a flooding catastrophe strikes.

Broken or Leaky Pipes Vancouver

That dripping sound coming from a pipe could be a warning sign of a much bigger problem. Leaky or broken water pipes can burst, releasing thousands of litres of water in your home in a matter of minutes. If you have leaky or old pipes, make sure to have them inspected by a skilled plumber. A little preventative pipe care now can save you from some serious indoor flooding and big bills later.

Faulty Appliances

Washing machines, water heaters, and dishwashers sure do make life easier. But like any appliance that uses water, busted hoses, improper installation, and leaks can crop up, turning your home into a virtual swimming pool. If your appliance is faulty or getting on in years, have it repaired or replaced before the unthinkable happens.

Clogged Rain Gutters

There’s no denying it, Vancouver gets its fair share of wet weather in the fall and winter months. That’s why it is important to regularly clean out your rain gutters this time of year. Leaves, branches, and other debris can clog them up, creating an overflow of rainwater around your house’s foundation. To prevent indoor flooding, make sure your gutters can properly funnel water away from your home.

Clogged Drain Lines Vancouver

Clogged drain lines and full septic tanks can flood, wreaking havoc on your home. If sinks, toilets, and showers can’t properly drain, you could be facing some major water damage that can ruin flooring, tiles, and walls. Don’t wait too long to address any clog in your home. Get in touch with a professional plumbing contractor to inspect drain lines.

You can’t control the weather, but fortunately there is something you can do to prevent water damage. Knowing what to look for and having a reliable plumber in your corner will help you avoid a flooding disaster.

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