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Water Heaters – Tankless & Hot Water On Demand

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Water Heaters

Heating water for cleaning and bathing has traditionally involved a hot water tank where water is heated and stored. Heating is accomplished by burning natural gas or using electricity. Hot water tanks are still the most common way to supply heated water in homes and commercial businesses. New modern tankless water heaters and on-demand hot water are smaller and energy-efficient.

Recently, hot water on demand has become popular. Clearly Plumbing installs and repairs both types of water heating systems.

Hot water tank repairs and installation

For repair or replacement of a traditional hot water tank in Vancouver, we carry all sizes and models. If yours has started leaking or it refuses to work we have the solution.  Water tanks need to be cleaned and tuned up once a year. If this has been neglected, call us to set an appointment. If you are considering a new water heating system there are actually a number of options to look at before pulling the trigger.

On Demand Hot Water Heaters

Over the last two decades, tank-less water heaters have become popular. They are also known as hot water on demand or instantaneous water heaters. They are more expensive initially than a traditional heating tank but require only a small fraction of the space comparatively. Fuel savings together with longer life expectancy make on-demand water heaters more economical in the long run than old school water heaters. Another consideration is that when hot water tanks fail, they frequently create quite a mess – something a tank-less heater will not do.

There are pros and cons to hot water on demand systems, and the technology behind them is evolving fast. 

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Pros and Cons of Water Heaters

A tank-less water heater does not store heated water and therefore does not incur standing energy losses. This results in significant annual savings, though those savings naturally vary from one location to another and need to be calculated in order for you to make an informed decision. The flow of  water from a tank-less heater is limited, with gas-fired heaters being better than electric ones. Having a shower while running a dishwasher can be a problem for some tankless heaters, and the solution may be to have two or more.

Water Heater Servicing

Regardless of how you heat the water in your home, we can take care of on-demand hot water,  hot water tank servicinghot water tank repair, and hot water tank installations.

We provide dependable emergency heating service 24/7 at reasonable rates. Call the pros at Clearly Plumbing & Drainage at  (604) 939-2537 for all of your water heating needs