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Perimeter Drainage Repair, Maintenance and Installation Vancouver

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Perimeter Drainage Repair, Maintenance and Installation Vancouver

At Clearly Plumbing, we are experts in Drainage tiles or Perimeter Drains.  We can design and install a system that will work for your property for years to come.  We also repair and re-install perimeter drains when there is a problem, often with the help of our drain cameras to quickly identify the problem and not waste anyone’s time or money and not risk more property damage.  We design, install, maintain & repair perimeter drains for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Why Is Perimeter Drainage so Darn Important?

In the Vancouver area, perimeter drains are very important to keep your foundations sound and ensure basements, parking lots, walkways, or gardens don’t flood. Perimeter drains are known by many terms such as drain tile, though it was originally called a french drain and some of us know it as weeping tile. There are many other names for this vital component of a building’s system for protection against water but regardless of the name, your perimeter drainage is important.

Houses and other buildings are built on foundations that either sit on the ground or in the ground. That ground gets wet, especially in the Lower Mainland where we see a lot of rainfall from autumn through to spring. Additionally, the structural integrity of a building’s foundation is put at risk by groundwater, even in areas that don’t get much precipitation. Perimeter drainage systems prevent ground and surface water from damaging your home’s foundation by redirecting water away from the foundation and is necessary to relieve water pressure against retaining walls.

Perimeter Drains Don’t Last Forever

Perimeter drainage systems usually last ten years or longer without maintenance but they are subject to clogging, damage from tree roots, shifting land and other problems. Such problems often occur without warning and repairs usually involve expensive excavation around the perimeter of the building. If you have reason to suspect that your perimeter drain tile system is no longer effective, the sooner you have the problem addressed the better off you are. Problems like this can be prevented with regular maintenance, and at Clearly Plumbing, we recommend having your perimeter drain system serviced every 3 – 5 years.

Perimeter Drain Installation

Different locations and different types of buildings and different locations have different optimal Perimeter Drain installations.  If you live in Richmond or Delta, or the Fraser Valley, the land will be flat and may not drain well as it is so close to the waterline, or sea level.  In steeper or higher locations, such as places on the North Shore or parts of Burnaby, the steep terrain and faster moving water can bring a completely different set of challenges. At Clearly Plumbing and Drainage, we are always happy to work with builders to configure the optimal Perimeter Drainage plan, accounting for the terrain, use, area, and of course, the budget.
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Perimeter Drain Maintenance and Repair

Our professional plumbers at Clearly Plumbing and Drainage are experts on perimeter drainage and offer all the services your home or commercial building will ever need to keep the foundation and interior safe from water damage. Call on us for dependable service in any of these areas:

  • Perimeter Drain Flushing
  • French Drain Replacement
  • New Drain Tile Installation
  • Clearing Clogged Sewer Pipes
  • Repair to Sewer Connections

If repairs are needed we will provide a full estimate before beginning work. Should repairs to your building’s foundation be required we can recommend several local companies with excellent reputations in foundation repairs. Or if a flood has occurred we can recommend a great water damage remediation company and help you with the insurance claim.

Call the expert Vancouver plumbers for assistance.  We offer emergency plumber services as a 24-hour emergency plumber for clogged drains, drainage camera inspection, and drain cleaning.   Find a plumber near you now!

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