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Our reputation is built around great customer service which makes referrals a big part of our business. We listen to your concerns and clean up when the job is done.

If a sewer camera is needed for a clogged drain, the equipment is quickly on site. We have affordable rates you’ll agree to before we go ahead with any work.

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Services Offered

Here are some of our plumbing services

  • Got an emergency plumbing problem? This is a number one priority! Call us – we are on the way.
  • We clean and repair drains and get them flowing again.
  • Has the sewer backed up? We use a video camera to find deeper problems for the quickest solution.
  • Leaky Pipes & Toilets. Don’t let that dripping faucet drive you crazy.
  • Water Pressure Problems. We set the water pressure regulator for optimum performance.

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Additional Plumbing Services

  • Water filtration. We see that your water is pure and your health protected. Meets all standards and regulations from our trained plumbing experts.
  • New fixtures & faucets. Add appearance and value to your home with new fixtures and faucets expertly installed by our team.
  • Need sewer lines cleaned or repaired? It’s one of our specialties. Call us about the Vancouver sewer separation program.
  • Hot water heater repair & installation. Always an affordable price for hot water tank service.
  • Video drain line inspection. We use the latest plumbing technology to inspect your drain lines and identify issues precisely.
  • Trenchless water line & sewer repair. Trenchless pipe bursting and sewer work requires skilled plumbers to be done correctly.
  • Water lines. Big or small water lines installed and issues resolved.

Our plumbing services involve contractors with decades of experience, who are the best in the business. They are certified, insured, and bonded, so you know our work is high quality. When you call us, someone will be there as soon as possible. Our staff works around the clock 24/7, so we can get there quick, anytime you need help.

We can handle any plumbing, drainage or sewer repair. Our most requested services include a clogged toilet or plugged pipes, fixing a leaky or broken water line, and replacing a sewer pump or broken pipe.

We also do maintenance and inspections, which helps prevent plumbing emergencies and the water damage that usually follows. We have residential plumbers and commercial plumbers on staff with experience on jobs of all sizes so there’s nothing we can’t fix.

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We always give you the best price for the required work because we believe customer care is the key to confidence in our services, which we believe leads to referrals from friends and family.

We cover the entire GVRD, including Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam and connected areas. Author: