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Top Signs You Need Furnace Repairs Now!

Cold weather is on the way. Is your furnace ready to handle your home’s heating duties? If it is not running in peak performance, you and your family could be in for a long chilly winter. Before the temperatures drop in Coquitlam, here are the top signs you need furnace repairs from our 24-hour emergency plumbers.

Your home won’t stay warm

One of the most straightforward signs that your furnace needs repairs is inadequate heating. If you are not getting the proper level of heat no matter how high you crank that thermostat, you will need to schedule a furnace repair appointment. Don’t wait until the Coquitlam frigid weather sets in before you get a furnace checkup. Contact our 24- hour emergency plumbers today.

Your furnace is making strange noises

Are you hearing weird noises coming from your furnace? It could be a heating system problem. While a slight humming sound is normal, persistent banging, pinging, or rattling noises need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Your furnace won’t stay on

Is your furnace shutting off shortly after you turn it on? This common issue is known as short cycling—a problem that our 24-hour emergency plumbers can fix. If your heating system has a tough time starting and staying on, you will likely need repairs.

Your heating system is constantly running

Just as your heating system can frequently shut off, a faulty furnace can also run nonstop. There are a variety of reasons that can cause this issue, so you will want to have your furnace diagnosed by our 24- hour emergency plumbers.

Your furnace smells “off”

It is normal to smell furnace fuel when you turn on your heating system for the first time after several months of it being off. But if you notice a strong odour that doesn’t go away over time, it could be a sign of a heating system issue. Gas leaks should never be ignored. When abnormal furnace smells happen, reach out to a furnace repair professional.

We all want a cozy comfy home when the cold weather comes. When furnace problems pop up, make sure to get your heating system inspected and serviced by our 24-hour emergency plumbers. You and your family will be glad you did.

At Clearly Plumbing and Drainage, we know how important a fully functioning furnace is to you and your loved ones. That is why our team of professional plumbers offer unparalleled furnace repair, installation, and maintenance services. When you want reliable, safe, and efficient heating throughout the cold months in Coquitlam, turn to Clearly Plumbing and Drainage.

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