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Help! Is There a Plumber to Handle My Clogged Drains?

We’ve all had them. We all dread them. We all need help fixing them—the infamous clogged drains. Whether they take their sweet time or spring up instantly, clogged pipes can wreak havoc on your everyday activities, from washing your dishes to taking showers. Staring at a sink full of sitting water? Here are some of the common causes of clogged drains.

Is there a plumber near me to fix my clogged pipes? Clearly plumbing is here to help.


Hair is one of the main reasons why many people ask, “Is there a plumber near me?” Whether it’s from you or your fur baby, hair can clog up your shower drain, sink drain, or toilet. Once hair collects in the drain, it can trap other debris, affecting water flow, and that can cause a nasty clog before you know it.

To keep things flowing along when you shampoo, use a hair catcher. It might not stop all the hair from getting into your drains, but it should help prevent clogs from cropping up.


Another drain-clogging culprit that can mess with your pipes is soap buildup. Over time, soap can coat the inside of your drains, limiting water from flowing properly.

Tackling a soap buildup is going to take a little work to get things moving along again. Start by running some hot water down the drain, followed with a squirt of dish detergent to help loosen the clog. If that didn’t do the job, you might need to pick up some commercial clog removing products to handle those stubborn blockages.

Persistent and recurring clogs may need the help of a professional, see how Clearly Plumbing and Drainage Vancouver tackles tough clogged drains.


Much like soap, grease can clog up your drains—except much faster. Pouring grease down the drain is never a good idea. Warm grease traveling down the drain will cool and harden, coating the pipe walls, and resulting in poor drainage.

If you don’t want a major plumbing crisis on your hands, don’t pour grease down your drains—ever! Your pipes and your wallet will thank you.

Foreign Items

No one wants to deal with a nasty toilet clog. Still, many people flush things down the toilet that simply have no business going there. Products like paper towels, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, dental floss, and cotton swabs get stuck in your pipes, causing some serious blockage.

If your toilet gets backed up, a plunger or a hand auger should do the trick. For more major toilet jams, however, you’ll need to call in a professional plumber.

Clogging problems are a pain, but many of them can be avoided or tackled on your own. But for those stubborn blocked pipes, you’ll need to call a professional plumbing service to address those hard-to-handle clogged drains.

If you find yourself asking, “Is there a plumber near me to take on my clogged drain?,” the answer is yes. Clearly Plumbing is nearby, always ready to take on even the toughest clogged pipes.

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