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How To Tell If Your Boiler Needs Servicing from Our Coquitlam Plumbers

Boilers are built to last. But even the sturdiest of them are going to need some TLC sooner or later. If you want to avoid a boiler emergency and some major replacement bills, there are a variety of signs to keep an eye out for. Read on to learn how to tell if your boiler needs repair from our Coquitlam Plumbers. 

Strange Boiler Noises

Notice any unusual noises coming from your boiler? It could be a sign that something’s not right. Most boilers are going to make a normal amount of noise, but if you hear any banging, clunking, whistling, or gurgling sounds, you are going to need the help of professional Coquitlam plumbers posthaste! 

Nothing lasts forever, including your boiler. Don’t wait until those knocking noises keep you up at night. We will not only repair your boiler, but also design a maintenance program to meet your budget and your needs. 

Slow Water Heating

A sure-fire sign of a bummed boiler is slower heating. If the hot water is taking its sweet time to heat up when you turn on your taps, there could be a circulation problem. 

Is your system taking a longer time to heat up? Having your boiler routinely serviced by our Coquitlam plumbers will go a long way to boosting its performance and reducing the risk of replacement. 

Higher Heating Bills

No one wants to throw money away. But when your boiler isn’t functioning at peak performance, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. To make sure your boiler is operating efficiently, reach out to trained professional plumbers. 

At Clearly Plumbing, we provide quality boiler service and repair in Coquitlam. Our certified and experienced technicians will ensure your boiler is in tip-top shape, saving you a bundle on energy expenses. 

Water Leaks

There are very few things more annoying, frustrating, and frightening for homeowners than leaks. Water leaking can create a host of major damage to your property, causing big bills and big headaches. 

Water leaks should never be taken lightly. At the first sign of pooling water, shut off the system and contact our Coquitlam plumbers.

Odd Odours

Gas leaks can pose serious health risks to you and your loved ones. If your boiler is not burning properly, you may have a carbon monoxide leak. Because carbon monoxide is odourless, a sulphur smell is added to the gas to ensure leaks get noticed quickly. 

If you detect an eggy smell emanating from your boiler, contact Clearly Plumbing immediately. Our team of trained technicians will stop gas leaks before they turn into major problems. 

Boiler maintenance and repairs should never be left to unqualified individuals. When it’s time for boiler service in Coquitlam, reach out to Metro Vancouver’s experts for residential and commercial boiler systems. 

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