Buying a home is exciting, but it can be stressful too. You have to make sure that the home is in good condition and that you are making a smart investment. You may want to hire a plumber for a home inspection to ensure that all the plumbing in your new home is in top shape, or that you are completely aware of any potential problems or needed upgrades. 

A good way to ensure that you get the most out of your purchase and are fully aware of any potential unforeseen expenses is by hiring a professional plumber before you buy a home. That way, you can be sure that there aren’t any major issues with the plumbing system or pipes in your new home. Plumbing problems can be expensive and often have to be fixed right away.  Read on to learn why you should hire a plumber to inspect the plumbing in your potential new home in addition to your regular home inspection.While general home inspectors will know a bit about everything, only a plumber will know the real plumbing problems that they are seeing in old and new homes in the areas – what brands and plumbing configurations cause problems, and what may be an insurance issue.  

1. You will get an honest assessment of the property’s condition.

If there are problems with the plumbing or sewage system, you will know about them before you sign on the dotted line. This will help ensure that there aren’t any surprises once you move in and start paying for repairs and maintenance out of pocket. In addition, if there are issues with your plumbing system, they are more likely to be fixed before they cause major damage or inconvenience to anyone living in your new home.

2. You will know what repairs are needed and what they will cost before moving in.

Since plumbing issues can damage your property or cause health concerns, it is important for anyone buying a new home to understand what problems might exist with the plumbing system. A professional plumber can perform an inspection and give you an estimate on how much it will cost to repair any problems found during their inspection. When you hire a plumber for a home inspection, potential buyers get peace of mind knowing exactly what they are getting into before they agree on purchasing a house.

3. You will get recommendations on how to maintain your plumbing system and avoid future problems.

Hiring an experienced licensed plumber will help you gain valuable insight into how best to maintain your plumbing system so that you can avoid costly repairs down the road. A good plumber can also recommend ways for improving energy efficiency in your home by installing pipes that are more efficient than older ones, which can save money over time by reducing water consumption and heating bills.

4. You will be less likely to get stuck with a bad deal.

A pre-purchase plumbing inspection is an investment in your future happiness in the home you are buying. If there are major issues with the plumbing system, you may be able to negotiate a lower price or even walk away from the deal altogether. But if you don’t know about these issues until after closing, you will be stuck with them – and they can be very expensive to fix at that point in time.

5. You could end up paying thousands of dollars more than necessary.

Even if there are no major problems with the plumbing system, there could be small problems that add up over time — like slow drains and leaks under sinks or toilets — which can add up to big bucks over time if left unchecked. A thorough inspection by a professional will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is working properly.

It is always a good idea to hire a plumber for a home inspection. They will know if your new home has any potential problems with the piping or the water system, saving you from the expense of a costly plumbing disaster down the line.  

If you are in the Metro Vancouver area, you can call Clearly Plumbing to arrange a plumber for a home inspection before you agree to the purchase of your next home or commercial building.