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5 Pipe-saving Summer Tips for Your Plumbing in Coquitlam

The summer sizzle is finally on its way. Is your plumbing ready? With plenty of fun in the sun on tap for the Lower Mainland, there is sure to be a spike in water usage. From watering your lawn and more laundry loads to super-long showers to cool down in the summer heat, all that extra water usage sure can put a strain on your pipes. To help cut down on your water system’s wear and tear, here are some summer Coquitlam plumbing maintenance tips.

Look for sprinkler leaks

Folks in Coquitlam love their lawns. So, it’s no surprise that the sprinklers are going to be working extra hard this summer. And if they spring a leak, you could be wasting water, not to mention throwing away your money. To make sure your sprinkler heads are in tiptop shape and your system is leak-free, it’s always a good idea to have a plumbing Coquitlam professional over to give your sprinklers a once-over—your lawn and your wallet will thank you.

Think twice before dumping it down the drain

Summer time means BBQ’s—and lots of them. And after grilling away a Sunday afternoon, feeding the hungry masses, you’ll want to clean up and relax. While you’re scrubbing the grill and tidying the kitchen, don’t forget to show your drains and garbage disposals a little TLC. Dumping grease and food scraps down the drain is a no-no that can block your pipes and lead to some nasty smells. Instead, keep your grease in a jar. When it hardens, throw it out in your green bin, along with any food leftovers.

Check your water pressure

During the summer months, it’s common for the water pressure to run a little lower. But if you’ve noticed that the pressure is unusually low, you could have a more serious issue. A buildup of calcium and mineral deposits can limit water flow, requiring new piping to fix the issues. Pathetic water pressure? Better call a Coquitlam plumbing professional.

Give your water heater a break

Summer means TRAVEL! Packing your bags and heading out on a trip is a great way to relax and enjoy the warm weather. If you’re vacationing this summer season, turn down your water heater. You’ll not only give your water heater a break, but also save some money too!

Watch the water hoses

Kids home for the summer? Family in for the holidays? Summer has a way of upping the laundry factor, forcing your washer to work overtime. So, take the time to look over your washer hoses, checking for leaks, bulges, and cracks. If you come across any hose horror stories, have them replaced by a plumbing Coquitlam expert, ASAP.

When it comes to healthy summer pipes, a little prevention now can save you loads of headaches and plumping woes later.

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